Power lines

Manufacture of lattice towers for medium and high voltages; low environmental impact supports and telecommunication towers

Electric traction for railway systems

Production of LS posts, MEC beams and lattice portals for railway lines


Production of large-sized industrial structures and coverage


Preassembly of structures to customer specifications


FAMAR S.r.l., was established in 1957 and has experienced the handover between while preserving the right balance between long-standing experience and technological and structural innovation; the focus is on product quality and on the continued improvement of production processes, which are the strong points of the company, together with care for the Environment, for Safety and Ethics, as the added value.
Punctual delivery and after-sales assistance make FAMAR S.r.l. an example of professionalism and efficiency throughout Italy and Europe.


FAMAR was established in 1957, in a small municipality in the heart of the Marches region. It originally made the farming machinery that gives the company its name. From 1960, following the continued development of electrical infrastructures in Italy and the rest of the world, the company’s business has gradually focused on specialising in this sector, becoming one of Italy’s major producers of lattice towers for power lines, supports for substations, supports with low environmental impact and metal structural work.